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Thread: E 34-2 Racing sails

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    E 34-2 Racing sails

    My recently purchased 88' E34 came with a large inventory of sails. The previous owner appeared to mostly raced her in a local club.
    I have pulled out what I wanted to use and what is remaining our the racing sails; 2 laminated head sails and 1 main. One of the headsails looks like it is almost new; 3DL 580 Medium #1 mat 10850 with a roll bag. The headsails have a 6 mm tape because the sailboat has a tuff luff 1706-2.

    I have purchased a new roller furling and will be removing the Tuff Luff so I have no need for this too.

    Please send me a PM if you are interested in the Tuff Luff 1706-2 and any of the other sails, and I will send over additional information.
    I have not figured out attaching images yet but this is a link to a few pictures. Not a lot of pictures but if seriously interested I can provide whatever you need and pictures.

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