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Thread: General Maintainance

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    General Maintainance

    I am new to boat ownership and a novice sailor. I bought a beautiful 1986 E30+ last year. The boat has been warm stored for at least the last 12 years. The boat yard looked it over and just sent a notice that I need a new rudder. This was one of the issues detected by the inspection. Does anyone know what a reasonable cost of a rudder would be? They gave me a quote which included labor, paint and barrier coat. Also, does anyone know a good source or site for used but newer sails? Thanks.

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    I contacted Foss rudders for a quote For our 35-3 as they made the original. They have molds for the 35-3 and might have them for your boat as well.
    Cost quoted was $2200 and 2-3 weeks lead time.
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    Is the yard going to repair your current rudder or build a new one? Repairs are certainly something that they could do and many owners have also done repairs themselves. Foss will make you a complete new original rudder which may be more cost effective if the repairs are extensive and it also eliminates any worries about internal corrosion of the internal rudder supports and the stock.

    Here's a link to Bacons in Annapolis who have tons of used sails and sail selector:

    There might be a similar consignment shop in the great lakes area.

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    Unless there's been a collision or grounding it is perplexing why a 1986 boat stored indoors in winter would need a new rudder. What's the story there?

    I used Foss too, for as close to a drop-in replacement as I could have imagined, but my boat was much older and was never stored indoors.
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    Welcome aboard. Please post some smartphone photos of your rudder damage before signing anything.

    Lots of rudder knowledge here for guidance and comfort.

    Photo steps (not as hard as it sounds):
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