I had a heck of a time pulling the H5 Autoprop. I initially attempted to pull the prop as outlined by AB Marine, using the three 6mm bolt holes on the end of the prop. I put together a puller that should have worked. I did not buy their $250 puller and glad I did not as I feel it would not have worked. The prop was really stuck to the shaft. I suspect that it was not lapped properly when installed and it wasn't a smooth mate to the shaft. Anyway, it did not budge after being installed only six years, so I ended up using a 15 1/2 ton manual puller that I use to pull steering clutches off the final drives of my D2 Caterpillars. With that puller and some heat from my torch it finally popped free.

I had already removed the blades and was wanting to take the whole assembly home to perform a bearing rebuild. That's done now and the blades spin nicely.

I first used a smaller bearing separator to push the line cutter forward away from the prop hub. After loosening the set screw on the line cutter.
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Then I installed a larger bearing separator behind the hub to which I then attached my 15 1/2 ton manual puller.
Already had the prop nut removed.
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Tightened the puller as tight as I could, then heated the hub and it finally popped free.
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