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Thread: Show me your interior cushions!

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    Loren provided some info on it, but unless you find someone with a stockpile, I think it's long gone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Loren Beach View Post
    When we had some upholstery work done in '95, our guy said that he was able to buy a remnant of the dark blue with the white dot pattern.
    He said that that particular product line was being phased out at that time and no more would be available.

    He gave me the sample panel with all of the color swatches on it as a keepsake.
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    These cushions are Ultasuede. The PO put these in new just before I bought the boat. I love the look of the color as it matches great with the headliner. The only problem is the white always makes me nervous about stains. Its five years now and they're still looking good. The Ultrasuede is supposed to be easy to clean. When I've had a couple small stains, they cleaned up well.

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