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Previous owner kept my E25+ at the Ford Yacht Club. I moved her to Humbug in Gibraltar a little over ten years ago. She took a lightning strike last August. Spent all winter rewiring. Launching Wednesday!
...Just a stones throw apart - literally. Hopefully, we will launch Monday but still have LOTS of projects to complete, including our complete re-wiring of ALL electrical as well. Our 32 was hit by lightning back in ‘90. Luckily only a few instruments bought the bullet. We decided to replace it while replacing bulkheads and plumbing and more.

Also, my son’s S2-7.9 took a hit on a race a couple years back and, like you, had to re-wire and replace everything. He was VERY lucky as the strike hit just in back of the boat, bounced to his OB motor, traveled to the tiller, through his arm (even though he let go of the tiller a split second before) while it also went through his stays/shrouds and even burned pin holes in his hi-tech foresail that had carbon fiber in it.

He was approaching the finish line so finished the race before sailing back and finally going to the ER for treatment. Thank goodness he didn’t have any permanent physical injury or damage.

We DO get our share of lightning around here for sure. ...Hope to see you on the water! Watch for “CaryOn” - that will be us!