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Thread: Travel from Marina del Rey to Dana Point/San Diego

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    Eric, I really like following your learning curve and your open mindedness to rethink the proposed journey. Among other things it's stubbornness and obstinacy to other's ideas and suggestions that gets people in trouble out there. Something about to know that one does not know.
    Bill McLean,
    '76 E27 #879, Atomic 4
    Norfolk, VA

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    On my way.....

    Ahoy there Ericsonites!

    I began my sail yesterday, sailing to Redondo Beach from Marina del Rey. It was my first trip solo, only about 8-10 miles, and it was exhilirating!
    I left around 1230 and arrived around 1445. I averaged about 4.5 mph. There were some swells and wind gusts of 20-25. I heard a small craft advisory but I was already out and on my way so I reefed the Jib and my boat handled nicely. Some nerves at first, but after about 45-minutes, I settled in to the experience and began to enjoy it. The ONLY thing that marred the trip was the sound of those jets in the LA area.

    Today, we depart Redondo for Newport Beach.

    Don Smith has graciously volunteered to partner with me on this leg of the journey. Thanks so much Don!

    We're leaving at about 0800 and SHOULD arrive by dark, assuming we can maintain speed of at least 4mph.

    Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and advice.
    Eric Gordon
    1975 Ericson 27, Yanmar 3GM30
    Dana Point, CA
    "Sea Star"
    Hull #721

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