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Thread: Mast Compression - Ericson 23 MK1

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    Mast Compression - Ericson 23 MK1

    I recently just got an ericson 23 1 and the mast has some compression pushing down. I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to unhook this mast, as well as, what type of deck plate to use and how to reinforce the fiberglass? It seems early, and there is no rot in the wood, so i was thinking placing a 12x12 plate over the compression and fiberglassing it? Any ideas?

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    The mast will almost certainly just lift off the shoe once you lift it with the crane (and remove the shrouds, of course).

    "No rot in the wood..." How do you know that? That area isn't designed to compress; something is amiss, and it isn't going to get better over time or when the boat is being sailed.

    I'm not suggesting this specifically, but a wide (18"?) piece of 1/2" G10 placed across the mast step might solve the problem for a while if everything is OK down below looking up at the compression post. You'd need to make sure that the turnbuckles have enough thread to accommodate a slightly taller mast.

    With the sage advice from many on this board, here's what I did with a related problem that was only noticeable from below, not above:
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