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Thread: Notable Little-Known Sailing Books

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    Don't forget "Unlikely Passages" by Reese Palley

    The follow up book was pretty good, too.
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    Man, there are so many of them. And thanks to our modern world, as soon as you download one, you are helpfully presented with half a dozen more to choose from. Some, not so “notable.”
    As it happens, I have just finished Peter Heibert, Lee Shore Blues: Sex, Drugs, and Bluewater Sailing. A memoir more notable for its amazing breadth than for the prose. But he finishes it up with an extensive bibliography of books that inspired him, which is a nice little bonus.

    There was recently a similar thread on Sailing Anarchy about sailing books for kids. Thanks to that thread, I was reintroduced to “Sea Fever” and “The Plan for Birdsmarsh,” by K.M. Peyton, which made quite an impression on me as a tween. Though undoubtedly most of the actual sailing bits went over my head at the time. Now looking for an impressionable young person to pass them on to.

    A bit off-topic, but I noticed that lots of Heibert’s bibliography has to do (as one might expect) with sailing gaff-rigged boats. Maybe I’m strange, but when I’ve sold a boat (or a car) I tend to bundle the books that go with it. E.g., my catamaran books went with my catamaran, when I sold it. It seemed natural at the time.
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