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Thread: Two holes in the Turtle

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    Two holes in the Turtle

    I give up... what purpose do they serve? The wood is rotted out, should I take it out?
    Thanks for all the help.

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    Question My guess

    If you refer to two molding-in openings in the sea hood (aka hatch garage) these were intended for storage of sail ties.
    Never well water proofed underneath, moisture and rot would get into the core.
    If it were me I would cover the holes, and repair any water damage in that area before reattaching the "turtle".
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    turtle openings

    When I had my turtle off, I cleaned out all the deteriorated plywood, covered the holes with1/4 inch starboard. The only thing I found the pockets were really handy for was to keep the beer from sliding off the cabin top.
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    I just two days ago painted the inside of the holes with Brightside. At some point an owner poured some filler in there , which self-leveled well as a surface coating of the original base. It isn't epoxy and needs to be repainted periodically, but it doesn't leak and the original design obtains.

    If you look down under the thread to "similar threads" there is a pretty amusing collection of puzzled owners all scratching our heads.
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    The good news is that these shallow plywood boxes in the "turtle" should not contribute to any leakage into the cabin. The original wood boxes had drain holes. The are connected only to the turtle. As long as you keep the drain holes at the edges of the turtle open, any leakage through the boxes will drain out. I put a new shallower bottom on mine a few years ago using a couple layers of fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Painted them with a good exterior latex house paint. Still looks good.
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