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Thread: cabin top compression on Ericson 33 RH

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    cabin top compression on Ericson 33 RH

    Last year I purchased an E-33 and have had a great season with her. The only issue that will need addressing, other than some cosmetics, is a wrinkle (running p/s) which has developed across the cabin top about 8" forward of the mast, centered around the back up tang for the spar turnbuckle. It is likely that I overloaded the deck when I attempted hauling a heavy dinghy aboard with a spinnaker halyard, in the boatyard last spring, which jumped the shiv.....I was just wondering if anyone else has ever overloaded that part of their deck before and what I might expect to see once I get it apart. there are no spider cracks so I don't think was wet. Thanks in advance for any & all thoughts, Bob Hull #23

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    Since the mast is keel stepped, there is nothing to overload the cabin structure that I can think of.
    Some pix should help.

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    Iím trying to get my head around your problem. Tell us about the spinnaker halyard which you used to lift the heavy dingy. Was it led through a turning block at the mast collar? That might put an upward load on the mast collar, perhaps at the aft end of it. My spin halyard (on the hull built immediately after yours) does not have that setup. Was the dingy which you were lifting foreward of the mast or aft? I donít believe that lifting a dingy could impart higher loads than flying a spinnaker would. A kite would be pulling the whole boat through that halyard.

    If you unzip your headliner behind the mast, can you maybe stand on a stool and snake your hand around to where the wrinkle is? If so, what does it feel like? Is it wrinkled below deck also? Can you feel any cracks there?

    A picture of the area, both above and below deck, would be helpful.
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