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Thread: Storage on a 32-2 and 32-3

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    Storage on a 32-2 and 32-3

    Hi all. I am new to everything but am leaning toward and Ericson because they seem to be great build quality, sailability and simplicity. I think I am leaning toward a 32 for the layout and a little extra size over some of the shorter boats. And it seems like the current prices on the 32s are quite a bit less than boats larger, especially the 34.
    Question is, aside from the cockpit lockers (is lazarette the right word), and your normal lockers and a few drawers inside, are there other hatches and things that I am not seeing that can store your crap?
    like are the seat backs removable with storage behind? I know the bottoms are hollow.

    I ask ask because I've noticed large shelf space behind the salon seats in a lot of similar sized boats from other manufacturers. And ericsons seem to be roomy because they lack that shelf space but it seems to cut down on storage. My eventual plan would be some long term off the grid cruising with a crew of at least 2, but probably 3. Probably at least a 4 battery system (with another for the motor) and the ability to provision food for long trips (months), the places I want to go are remote, and I don't want to run out of pork and beans. or in the meantime, space to just store the nececities of live aboard.
    So is there space for all that in an e32? Or am I going to have to dedicate too much of the permanent space to electronics and safety gear, and then have all my provisions in bins and tubs stuffed anywhere they will fit, like the quarter and v berths?

    ive also been looking (dreaming) at some bigger, center cockpits like the endeavour 38 and 40, and on those, there is just soooo much space and storage. But they are not the same type of boat at all.

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    With a proposed crew of 3, I think you need a bigger boat. A 32-3 could do for 1 and long term provisions, but not 3.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Ericsons are known for proven all-around design, quality of build and lovely lines. Other boats have more space, with Catalina Yachts the obvious example.

    Boat design is a compromise of three factors: speed, accommodation and affordability.

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    There is a whole thread on here somewhere about using "hidden" spaces in the boats for storage, but I can't seem to dredge it up at the moment. Some models have significant amounts of unused space behind the inner liner. I would guess that the 32-2 has about the same amount as my 29, which is quite a lot. Enough for 7 or 8 shallow lockers, plus more cabinets could be added in the "bookshelf" spaces if desired.
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    We had a 32-2 with 2 adults. Storage was tight on longer trips.

    We now have a 35-3. Storage was great for 2 adults. But now with 2 kids, storage is getting tight again.

    And although kids are "smaller", there "stuff" seems to take up way more space than an adults!

    Two of the main reasons why we moved up in size (pre-kids) was for more storage, and a shower.
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