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Thread: Removal of glued down cabin sole

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Williams View Post
    ...... so its like marriage advice from somebody happily married.
    Funny, from time to time I get some complaints from the other-half about how much time I spend working on the boat. Is there a recommended fix for that.....
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    Tell her you could be spending time down at the local bar instead. Then run for your life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff Johnson View Post
    I was on a Swan a couple of years ago and remember being impressed by the way the sole rested on a metal frame and any section could be quickly removed without tools to access the mechanical systems underneath. Not sure where to get similar fasteners or how hard they are to install. There is also a lot to be said for being able to remove the sole for re-varnishing.
    On one of my boats I used Rivnuts to create a bolt down section... I good friend has the tool (airplane repair guy) and together we got the job done.
    The Rivet is internal threaded tube that is set in place with a special hand tool. Once in, a bolt can be threaded down the tube. and it holds tight.

    It was much cheaper then buying the quick twist SS fasteners. It held for year, then I sold that boat for my E29.

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