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Thread: Oil stains on non-skid decking.

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    Oil stains on non-skid decking.

    I had my dinghy up on the foredeck for the past two days. I forgot that I had spilled transmission fluid in the dinghy when I was transporting the drain bucket last week. It left about 6 small splotches of red oily patches on the beige non-skid decking forward of the hatch. Tried scrubbing with mineral spirits, then acetone. Still have stains. I'm bummed because the deck had previously been in great shape

    Anyone know a trick for removing trans oil stains?
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    I have had success using Simple Green, letting it soak in for a few minutes and then scrubbing with a bristle brush, and repeating this several times. Then let the sun gradually bleach it out. With time, (and not too long), it will be gone.

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    Oil Lift Oil Remover is designed to remove oil stains from concrete and asphalt driveways, wood and tile floors, and many other surfaces, with the user mixing it in a variety of different concentrations depending on the application.

    The package recommends diluting it 2:1 with water for use on boat decks, and I have been using it at that concentration on my Ericson deck for four years. It does an outstanding job of cleaning up spider droppings and carcass remains, and also getting rid of oil stains with a minimum of scrubbing or waiting. It is highly recommended.

    It's available in Canada at Canadian Tire,

    and in the U.S. I believe it's available through Amazon.


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    "FSR" may also be worth a try. It's an acid designed to remove stain from gel coat without damaging it.

    available at West and most other places.

    Follow the directions carefully (it is an acid), be sure to rinse/neutralize thoroughly with fresh water afterwards. And try it on a small patch first... just in case.
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