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Thread: E 26 Isomat boom (NB26?) question

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    E 26 Isomat boom (NB26?) question

    My Ericson 26 (1987) came exist with Isomat mast and boom. The diagrams for the boom's internal reefing arrangement do not match what I seem to have. The current set-up seems to lack the forward lines (or access for same) that can allow for single handed reefing. There are two lines (Reef 1 and Reef 2) that travel back to the cockpit and thus can easily be bent onto the clue cringles. These allow me to reef the aft portion of the main, but not their forward area. Thus, the problem is that I still need to go forward to the tack to arrange reefing there. Please offer any suggestions for resolving this, or in forwarding me to sites or other resources that can help. Thanks.

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    Hi Pete,

    There two alternatives to the setup you have (which I also have) that I know of: single line reefing and double reef lines. Single line reefing involves a single line and multiple pulleys to pull down the reef tack and leech simultaneously. I have never investigated it due to it's reputation for high friction and poor performance/sail shape (and the fact that I rarely have to reef). With the advent of ball bearing blocks, pulleys, etc. , there may be a system that works better these days. Google "single line reefing". Double reef lines add a pair of Cunningham-like pull-downs to pull down the reef tacks and avoid a trip to the mast to hook the reef tack. It can be added to our current set up and has the potential to work well because the rigging is similar to adding two additional Cunninghams of the needed purchase. You will need two additional of everything (Cunningham blocks, mast block, organizer pulley, line clutch/cleat) to run the second reef lines aft to the cockpit. I believe Christian Williams mentioned he was trying this setup on his E38 and he will probably report how it worked when he arrives in Hawaii in a day of two.

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