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Thread: Needing a new push button switch

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    Needing a new push button switch

    Needing a new push button switch for my 34 ericson. 25 horse. I've checked batteries, which are brand new and its lead me to the button. is it easy enough to replace?

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    Here is a thread with some information :

    My panel has two of those rubber-covered buttons, start, and glow. Came with the boat and still working.
    (Being in fresh water probably helps a lot)
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    I recently bought the Cole Hersee switch - rated for starter amperage. Available, like everything else these days, on Amazon. The rubber cover was sold separately though, but it gives you a choice of colors.
    As an aside, due to weathering and other issues, I'm building a new engine control panel in the companionway, on the side of the port-side cabinet. I've seen pictures of some 70's Ericsons that apparently had the control panel in that location from the factory. Others had them in the cockpit footwell. I wonder why the variation?

    But... the switch function is easy enough to test with a multimeter, before ordering parts. If you haven't done so. If you are tracing a "no start" problem, other possibilities are loose wire connections, including grounds, or a bad starter solenoid.
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