I have an E23 mk1 mast, boom, sails, and rudder assembly I am selling. I'd like to sell as a package but will accept offers for each.
I have 2 head sails and 2 mains. One of the mains is a UK in very new condition with battens. The other 3 are in decent shape with a small hole in the Genoa. I may be able to freight ship the mast but would rather not due to damage concerns, that would be your gamble.

Mast 25' 9"
Uk main 20' 9" luff
Uk main Foot 8' 10"

US main luff 20' 8"
Foot 8' 10"

Luff 24' 9"
Foot 11' 2"

Foot 17' 4"
Luff 24' 7"