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Thread: Universal M25 Exhaust Riser/Elbow Options

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth K View Post
    Jeff, there's only three nuts holding the flange to the manifold. Put a wrench on them. If you can turn them all, it might be easy. I didn't have the clearance to get a box end wrench on the bottom nut and was afraid of rounding it off with an open-end wrench. I used a drill and wire wheel to polish the surfaces before re-gasketing.

    If you do it in place though, it's a bit of a wasted effort in my opinion. You might as well take the riser/elbow off the boat and get it cleaned out. Performance Radiator in Tacoma will do it. Otherwise, you're leaving that as a potential problem for later.

    Heck, if you can turn the bolts in place, you might try snugging them up to see if you can minimize the leakage. Then you can use your boat this weekend and do the full job when you have the time.
    Thanks, Ken. Good call on doing the whole job / doing it right if I'm going to do it. I tried wrenching the nuts this morning and lo and behold, I was able to snug them up about a quarter turn each. Wiped off the coolant spills on the engine, went motoring, and had a dry engine upon return. Sometimes it's an easy fix.

    I'm going to keep a cooling system maintenance run as a close-term checklist item, though -- clean the riser, replace the gasket, clean/flush the heat exchanger, hoses, the whole shebang.

    I do notice the water heater seems to be leaking drops / drips of coolant but I wager that's likely a hose clamp issue.

    *edit*: hot water heater, not water cooler
    *edit2*: water heater, not hot water heater (buncha wise guys here)
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    A bit of luck.....glad to hear it.

    Don't forget to also check the elbow where the raw water is injected back into the riser. Mine was 80% blocked and causing steam with too little water flow at exhaust thru-hull. If clogged, you can chip the particulate out with a small screwdriver and reuse the fitting.
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    *edit*: hot water heater, not water cooler

    More edit: water heater.

    As I was asked in a post not long ago, "why do you need to heat your hot water?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Williams View Post
    *edit*: hot water heater, not water cooler

    More edit: water heater.

    As I was asked in a post not long ago, "why do you need to heat your hot water?"

    Because if you have a “first mate” (wife) aboard who likes to have hot water when you anchor too far from a 120 volt outlet you need to heat your hot water. That’s why. Boiling some on the galley stove just doesn’t cut it.
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