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Thread: Companionway Step Repair

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    marina del rey

    Finally finishing THIS project (companionway steps)

    Well, the steps were on my boat for two years, and after I had some health problems, I decided to bring the steps home and give it another try.

    I first coated the entire step with CPES from Rot Doctor, then began three coats of Epifanes, because the $60 can was on sale for $39.

    Here's the result:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Lessons learned:
    - Do a better jobs of sanding away the imperfections, filling the screw holes, etc...
    - find a more dust free environment
    and the top thing I learned about varnishing.....patience.

    Next stop: Bilge pump redesign.
    Eric Gordon
    1975 Ericson 27, Yanmar 3GM30
    Dana Point, CA

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    Your steps look fantastic.

    Eric, Should it interest you, I helped a friend with his E27by designing a simple hinge affair that got the steps out of the way when needing to access the engine room. All the hardware remained the same but for his buying a lath and eye. WE attached the receiving hardware normally attached to the wood below the bridge deck, to a length of similar piano hinged wood that we eventually then attached to the original wood via the hinge screw holes. Now the steps are as solid as ever but can be easily hinged up and out of the way, secured in that position by means of the hook attached well out of the way on the bottom side of the lower step, which locks into the eye on the forward side of the sliding hatch frame. Easy peasy and now he doesn't have a ladder taking uo cabin space when working in there. Cheers, Glyn

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    Eric, your steps came out very nicely. Are you considering an grip tape for wet conditions? I had good luck using 3M tread tape to replace the rubbery original on my steps
    Mike Field
    "Jenny" E35-3 #251
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    Isn't it great when an old weathered item is brought back to life? I highly recommend putting down some "treadmaster" self-adhesive non-skid pads on those steps. They fit perfectly and provide secure footing even when things get a little damp. I "saw the light" right after I saw the little birdies...
    I did that job last fall. I added barrel bolts at all four corners, since all original mounting hardware was long gone, and once or twice the ladder did go flying during "spirited" conditions. And one slip off a frictionless step was more than enough for me...

    Edit... that was just the first link that I found. I think I got them in a two-pack for a substantially lower price. Shop around. Of course, then there's the problem of where to stick the fourth one...
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    marina del rey

    Done and Done ;)

    Actually this was the plan all along..partly for stability when climbing and partly for covering some of the imperfections. It's not a perfect varnishing job by any means, but I learned a lot as previously mentioned. And thanks for all your suggestions.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Eric Gordon
    1975 Ericson 27, Yanmar 3GM30
    Dana Point, CA

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