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Thread: Ericson 38-200 Refrigeration

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    Ericson 38-200 Refrigeration

    Hello everyone,

    I am interested in adding refrigeration to my list of goodies on "Ocean Dreams", our 1989 38, based in Mystic, CT. I have looked over most of the systems and think I will keep it simple with the Adler Barbour cold machine with a large vertical evaporator. I am curious as to where other 38 owners have placed their compressor units? The best looking spot seems to be under the galley sink, or under the port side dinette cushions. The later does not seem like it would breath well though. I am also curious as to how the 12 V system has performed for anyone who uses it, and how their power consumption has rated.

    Also, I am concerned that their may not be sufficient insulation to the icebox to retain the cold once you spend all the power to produce it. What steps has anyone taken to insulate their boxes better?

    Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can offer. Suggestions on alternate systems other than Adler Barbour are also appreciated. The keel cooler systems look great, anyone use them?

    Further topic to follow concerning my electrical concerns.....


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    Lightbulb Brrrrrr......

    I have a friend that installed his own Frigoboat "keel cooler" system about 6 years ago on a CT38, and it is truly noiseless and he sez it takes as little power as the spec sheet brags of.
    I am in the midst of installing one of these on our 34 footer. I have the keel cooler in, as of our last haulout for a bottom job a couple months ago.
    I am slowly working on installing the compressor and evaporator.
    In order to add insulation to the icebox area and really get at the interior to put in the evaporator, it is looking like the counter top will have to come off... At least this will allow me to do a tidier installation, on the whole.

    You ever notice how one project always leads into 3 others?

    Loren in PDX
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