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Thread: Winterizing Fresh Water System

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    Winterizing Fresh Water System

    We usually pour pink RV antifreeze in our water tanks and pump through to all faucets and shower head. But getting the pink stuff flushed out of the water tanks in the spring is a pain. I'd like to figure out a way to avoid putting antifreeze in water tanks but still get it into water lines and pump. I already have a bypass on the water heater so no pink stuff gets in there. Any suggestions appreciated!

    Laura Bertran
    Footloose, 1985 E35-3
    Annapolis, MD

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    Pink Stuff in the tanks....

    Laura: Did your routine once...including getting it in the hot water tank....UGH......

    Now, we run the pump until the tanks are empty....then open the inspection plates and sponge out the balance......Take off the hose on the "IN" fitting on the pump......put a hose on that fitting long enough to fit into a gallon jug, or a five gallon pail that you keep filling with the pink stuff until it runs very pink out of every outlet.....

    BTW....we also have a bypass on the hot water tank....

    I am sure there are other methods out there, but this is what we have come up with....and so good.....

    Good Luck
    Mort Fligelman
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    Simple Is Good!

    Thanks, Mort. Sounds like a winner! And if it works for you in Chicago, it ought to work well in Annapolis!

    Laura Bertran
    Footloose, 1985 E35-3
    Annapolis, MD

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    Between the pump and the tanks

    This is my first winter weatherizing on my own and I'm a little puzzled. Manual recommends dumping RV antifreeze into each tank but I also see complaints about getting the pink out in the spring. A friend with an E-35 has a little bypass next to one of his tanks under the settee and does the jug sucking from there, but I also see the recommendation to attach a hose at the pressure pump on this thread. Is there a best point of entry for a 32-3?
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    No Pink Stuff in the water system

    I disconnect the outlet on the water tank, the boiler valve on the water heater and let them drain into the bilge. Like Mort I open the inspection ports on the tank and sponge. Pump is unhooked and turned on to empty. All faucets are opened and I use compressed air to blow out the lines. Last year I didn't remove the system filter I have before the pump and even with applying compressed air water remained in it, froze and cracked the housing. This year it will be removed and stored inside out of the cold. I have a bypass set up between the engine cooling water thru hull and the fresh water pump for winterizing. I open the drain on the engine muffler and let that water drain to the bilge also. I replace the drain plug then I close the thru hull and open the bypass. I attach a hose to the bypass, the other end goes in a bucket with three gallons of eco friendly antifreeze and run the engine until pure antifreeze is coming out of the exhaust. Aren't you warm climate folks glad you don't have to go through this every year after a much too short sailing season.

    RebaGee gets hauled next Monday. The sails and boom have been removed. On her trailer she will go, the mast will come down and off to the shed she will go for another winter. A winter filled with all sorts of projects which we hope will be completed before she gets wet again next spring. There is the proper mast to rig, sails to be recut, new cushions to be made, etc.
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