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Thread: Securing a laminate cabin sole

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    Securing a laminate cabin sole

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    I have a laminate cabin sole that looks like the above picture. I had a leak in my head over the years and about a one foot section is not attached to the boat floor any more. The problem is is that the section that is not attached is in the middle of a long piece which is attached at both ends. To fix it I was thinking I could either rip up one side an then glue down (How does one rip out a section without damaging it), cut the material in a straight line and glue or lastly try and find a way to inject some glue under the loose material and then place a weight on top until it dried. Before I begin this project I thought I would ask for opinions.


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    Eric - Have you considered using bronze flat head screws, or stainless painted an appropriate shade of brown? It could save you from an ugly job.

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    When you say laminate, do you mean a veneer lifting off the plywood floor or do you mean the entire floor is separating from the understructure of the hull? Either way you may me able to drill 1/8" holes if you can figure out where the supports are underneath, inject a slightly thickened epoxy and then put a heavy weight on it. That or screws, or cut out and re-bond. RT
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