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Thread: Bronze vs. Plasitc Thru-Hull Transducers

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    Bronze vs. Plasitc Thru-Hull Transducers

    I was hoping for opinions on bronze vs. plastic thru-hull transducers. Raymarine told me to use plastic for fiberglass sailboats. Others have stated that they only put bronze through their hulls. I am pulling the boat for a bottom job and want to replace thru-hulls with the appropriate options. Thanks in advance.

    Steve Slaughter

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    Try using the little "search" icon, upper right part of this page-- there may be info in other message threads on this large site.
    Either material should be strong and durable.
    Some sailors like the nylon/plastic composite types because they do not want any risk of electrolysis. While I have read of a near-sinking due to bronze thruhulls (and the prop and strut!) being consumed, the article did not mention whether the transducers were also affected.
    I have always used the "plastic" versions, on the Standard Horizon instruments on our prior boat and on the new Raymarine ST60's on the present boat.
    I figure that the whole boat is made out of reinforced "plastic", so why worry about these items.
    Loren in Portland, OR
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