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Thread: Bottom Paint for Puget Sound???

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    Bottom Paint for Puget Sound???

    Hello everyone. Getting ready to pull my boat on the hard for bottom paint. Does anyone have recommendations for which paint works best here in the Puget sound area? Any local companies? Here in Olympia West Marine is about it. Any suggestions would be helpful.... Thanks...

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    Get a Price Match

    If West Marine is your only local source, make sure you get a price on-line from Defender or Jamestown Distributors. WM has s price match policy. I have been doing this for the last year or so because WM is convenient to my slip.
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    I use Pettit SR 40 ablative. Put on 2 coats (2 gallons) every 3 years. Seems to work OK in Kingston. I get a local diver to clean every few months (6 max) too. I think I ordered from Defender but I will look into the price match idea with West Marine now.
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    Thanks for the info. I was unaware of WM price matching???? It wont surprise me one bit if their "knowledgeable" employees are also unaware???? As they are to most things they sell. Now I need mother nature to give me a break and let the sun shine.... Thanks again for the info.

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    Another option

    We've used Petit Trinidad SR, as the previous owner had, until 2009 when we got a deal on a Seahawk paint that has worked well. We recoated with it in January. We moor in the mouth of the Duwamish, but it's still plenty salty, judging by the mussels on everything hanging down and occasional barnacle on the prop and strut. No complaints. We usually go two years between haulouts.

    We finally got out again this month and after three straight weekend cruises, the bottom is free of the soft stuff and motoring and sailing speed is normal.
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