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Thread: That Ericson feeling ...

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    That Ericson feeling ...

    A couple of days ago Nancy and I were out for a daysail with a niece and a nephew.

    We were gradually catching up to a robust and very well kept sloop that we've often seen at the Isthmus. Once we got closer it was obvious that we were literally flying by them.

    As we passed above them, taking their wind, the helmsman yelled "what a gorgeous boat !".

    We tried to yell back to them (to leeward) that their boat was really well kept, but for some reason they couldn't hear us even though we could hear them.

    That Ericson feeling sure makes you feel good !

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    You know it's funny. Our boat is in dire need of new sails. We only have a very old out of shape main and a 75% jib and we have been passing boats all the time. I can't imagine what it will be like next summer with new canvas.
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