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Saving a Lady 4

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Saving a Lady Continued…4... My Father sent me in the house to get my tools. I’m sure everyone remembers the set in the tin box, complete with a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, saw, yellow tape measure. My gift from Santa. I replaced the tin box with a bag, my bag of choice was an army surplus olive-green dynamite bag, all the boys in our family used them as school book bags. My Father rang out, we are going to caulk today. Hum caulk I through, I better bring a box of white chalk, After all I was going to master the art of chalking. I had always wondered how he made all those white lines to perfectly fill all the cracks. On the trip to the yard it was my Fathers practice, to drill me on proper procedures, and terms. What is a sheet, what is a line, a halyard? Boom and so on. When we arrived, we did the mandatory walk around, lots of ums and ahs. she looks good, let’s peek inside. My Princess must have been a thousand feet tall. As we ascended, I remember thinking we must be getting close to the sun, this is how Icarus must have felt! We removed the canvas over the cockpit, slid the hatch forward and entered. I took a deep breath held it for a moment, exhaled. I loved that smell, canvas, wood, rope, wet leaves, to me it was heaven, to my Mother it was mold. Back on the hard, I was asked for a piece of chalk. My Father seemed very impressed that I thought to bring chalk, he began on the port side with what appeared to me to be random circles along the hull. You take the starboard, yes sir! I grabbed my tool bag, took out the hammer and began to smash my chalk and pack it in any crack I could find. A few minutes passed and I heard laughter, Son you are doing a fine job, your Mother will be very proud! Do you think you could teach her to chalk like that? Oh, word of the day, Calk.After all, I had become the Master! to be continued….

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