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Saving a Lady 3

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Continued…3.. early May 1959, as I recall my Father popped his head in my bedroom and said, son we have some chores to do, then we get to play on our Boat. Our Boat, yes, the princess was mine! I jumped out of bed dressed and ran down three flights of stairs, only to be sent back up the wooden hill, to brush scrub, and comb my hair with a little dab of brilcream, then walk down the wooden Hill. My Father was outside replacing the storm windows with the screened frames. My older brother was already deep in the mix. Just about that time the local priest pulled up to the curb and rolled his window down. Seeing my Father had his hands full he just watched. It appeared all was going well; my Father was one for details. Each window had a number which corresponded with the screens and his notes for any repairs. This screen had a mind of its own, it just refused to cooperate, just one corner. My brother piped up “Daddy why don’t you call it a Son of a Bitch! And hit it real hard, it worked on the other ones”. Dead silence, except for my brother,” Bless me Fathers, (yes Fathers) for I have sinned”. Well, no trip to my boat for him. What a glories day! to be continued….

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