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Saving a Lady, continued..

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Saving a Lady, when did it begin? Why did it begin? I believe I was born with a sailing gene.Some might consider this a appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone, at best a license to burn money.Just ask my better half. The Princess of Fermananagh was a 40-foot creation of my Father. She was a Navy cargo tender that he acquired by way of a Navy surplus auction in Philly. After many months,or years of work, she was reborn as a Gaff rigged sailing Vessel. That was the summer of 1952, my Mother was about nine months pregnant. The Mast had just been stepped and tuned, on Cherry Island, the Princess was ready and heading down the Delaware river, nicely making way for the Chesapeake Bay. Their journey ended in New Castle Delaware, several hours Later I was Born. Some of my earliest and fondness memories were on board the Princess. I can still hear my Father asking what’s for dinner! All present would respond like a choir…...Duck!!. The Princess was coming about. To be continued……

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