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Starboard (under) Side Deck Reveal

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Here are some pix of the underside of the starb. deck above the galley. I opened up this area two years ago to get at the wiring that goes thru there to the next area aft, the overhead in the hanging locker.
At the time I was changing all of the bulbs out for new LED bulb assemblies. The original fixtures are still looking like new, FWIW.

I needed to clean up the wiring that fed the bulkhead light and the light over the aft berth. Factory had used 3-way crimps for these wires and I installed a new terminal strip in the upper part of the hanging locker. In trying to chase the wires, I found that there was a splice over the galley. This involved sliding out the Formica (r) faced panel over the range.
The deck area around the bolts for the genoa track looks good, altho we do need to think about re-bedding those long tracks one of these days.
Since the ends of the original wiring pair showed no corrosion, some new boat-cable was crimped to them.

A blog entry seems like a good way to archive this information. Others may benefit slightly from it, and it helps me to recall what it all looks like.

An old FRP reinforcement under one stanchion base can be seen also.
And no, working anywhere up under the side deck is Not Fun.... !

Ah, the joys (?) of maintaining a middle aged boat!
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Updated 02-13-2019 at 08:43 PM by Loren Beach

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  1. sgwright67's Avatar
    So are those photos showing the underside of the balsa core material through bare glass (no gelcoat)? Not what I expected it to look like.
  2. Loren Beach's Avatar
    The underside of your deck and cabin laminate (balsa cored) has a translucent layer of glass and resin over it. Since it is covered up by a head liner it does not have a covering color coat nor would it need one.