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the dream of dawn

Day One: A real hoser

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Got the boat parked and leveled and thought I'd better get the slime cleaned off before it set up into some kind of bio-cement. The pressure washer "easily" removes all of the old CPP ablative paint. At least more easily than it removes the waterline scum. And any place with spongy growth leaves a stain behind that won't hose off. Will investigate additional treatments later. So, the nominal "North" side of the boat is all spongy, while the "South" side is more green slime. And the bottom of the keel is all spongy. May explain speed differential on different tacks. The South side is also the dock side, so it gets the long-handled brush applied more often.

Not sure if I really need to remove all of the old CPP, since I'm putting the same thing back on (Was 2 for 1 at WM this summer...) but it's not too hard to do. And it's difficult to tell whether spidery patterns are due to paint or growth. So it all goes.

Good news includes no sign of any new blistering activity. I'm not sure over what time frame that's supposed to happen, but six years so far so good. Also all of my fiberglass repairs seem to have held up fine despite, (ahem) a couple of field tests involving gravel bars...

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  1. toddster's Avatar
    Well there are a few places where the top layer of the barrier coat is worn away (or never properly adhered in the first place.) I can tell because I put the layers on in alternating colors of white and gray. I suppose I'd better make another trip to WM and add some more. I'd really like to get this repainted while the nice weather holds. Of course, I should be cutting firewood and winterizing the buildings. Interesting how, in some cases, there was less fouling around the spots where the jack pads were located during the previous haul-out. In other cases, those are the spots where the barrier coat is wearing.