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the dream of dawn

Up, Up, and Away!

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So there I was, getting the boat ready for a Fall cruise down the Big River, when one of my dock neighbors came by. "Say, are you going to leave that boat in the water all winter? 'Cause some of us are going in on a crane rental in a couple of weeks..."

Well, I do have a few Things To Do when the boat is out of the water. And it HAS been... six? Six years! And the price couldn't be beat. So, I've foregone what looks like a couple of weeks of outstanding cruising weather and Arcturus has flown home to nest beside the workshop for a few months.

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Already the "few things" is becoming a list that requires a spreadsheet. And probably exceeds the time and budget available.

New through-hull,
Bottom clean and paint.
Touch up topsides.
Rehab and paint entire deck.
Install rigging on mast for "storm sails," and perhaps mast steps.
Replace those old wood spreaders?
At least test some mock-ups of a hard dodger and sea hood. Maybe build em.
Do the external chainplate conversion? Or at least the external prep work. Gee, I'd have to remove all the electrical panels & added cabinetry to get at these. Maybe this should have been head of the list.
Shorten cockpit and enlarge lazarette?
Install larger fuel tank.
Install aft "crash bulkheads" ahead of rudder post? Actually, this probably has to be done in the water, since the hull is slightly distorted in the cradle. As I learned the hard way last time.
Various other items awaiting installation.

Unfortunately, I loaned my trailer to some Local Yokels I knew from Hi Skool. It's a long story, but pretty much all of the cash stash that was going to go into the boat just went toward repairing the trailer.
Fortunately, I have most of the paint that I need on hand, and quite a collection of hardware saved up to install. So I can do a lot of work without spending any more money. (Was that a snort I heard from the internet?)

In fact, that's a lesson learned from the last haul-out. Considering that boat parts have to be ordered from distant places and shipped here by mule train, it's best to have all the parts and material I need on-hand before even hauling the boat. (Was that another snort?) Last time, the haul-out was extended for at least a month, maybe two, just due to waiting for parts.

In preparation for trailering, I off-loaded all loose gear, and a few things that weren't loose, but not too hard to remove, (e.g. galley range) and emptied the tanks. Probably almost 1000 pounds taken off the boat. Water line raised almost an inch. Amazing how much more lively the boat is with the cruising gear taken off. I think Arcturus really wanted to go for one last sail, but the sails were already back in the barn.

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