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Varnish - Le Tonkinois edition

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We have two boats in the family now, Discovery, a 1983 Ericson 30+, and a 1978 Cape Dory 27. Both excellent boats, but both very different. The CD has a ton of exterior teak which the PO said point blank "I cared about safety and sailing, and didn't care if she was pretty." As we all know, the options for teak treatments are nearly infinite. Before tackling a bigger job, I wanted to try my hand on a smaller project with lower stakes.

I also was intrigued by Le Toninois, which can be found in every boating magazine in the known world.

No thinning, minimal sanding between coats, and no toxic fumes? Sign me up.

The guinea pig for this experiment is the cockpit table from the Ericson. It was previously coated in our good friend cetol. Prep work involved a heat gun and pull scrapper, as well as a little sandpaper where I couldn't quite get the scrapper to work. That eliminated the vast majority of the old finish. Next up, cleaning and brightening. For this, I used foaming Barkeeper's Friend. Applied liberally to the dry wood, let it rest, scrub lightly with a sponge, and rinse. And repeat. That gave a fairly uniform and lighter wood.

For the varnish, I used the method Christian pointed out in his last post, rolling is on with a foam roller, and tipping out. I used Jen foam brushes from the local woodworking store for the tipping.

Behold, after six coats. Are there imperfections? Sure, if you look hard enough. The rolling really made sure there were no holidays or pooling or dripping. If a novice like me can end up with this, imagine what someone who knows what they are doing can do.

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  1. GrandpaSteve's Avatar
    Now you know what you are doing.