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Marine Survey Check List

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I have known several surveyors over the decades. They answer my ill-informed questions with patience, and I believe that they could have been teachers had they chosen it.
I was looking thru the web site for one of those folks, and thought that others here might like to consider (print out...) the list she uses as a general guide.
It is a long list. A survey usually takes a full work day, and after that a written report with a lot of digital pix is prepared and conveyed to the purchaser of the survey.
When you follow a surveyor and observe carefully, you will get a great education in the boat you are (usually) about to own.

The result is quite a detailed "road map" for your first few years of ownership. There will always be some stuff to upgrade or repair, even on a relatively new vessel. (Actually it's depressingly common to find parts and installations on a brand new vessel that either do not meet the promised standards or have had unsafe shortcuts taken in the build process.)


Here's the link.

FWIW, Alison and several other journeyman mechanics and builders have given me some good input over the years on problems and quandaries expressed on this site.
I believe that EY owners are more mechanically inclined and/or curious than the average boater.

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Updated 09-21-2018 at 12:54 PM by Loren Beach

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  1. 907Juice's Avatar
    Sweet list! Nice to have it all in written form and easy to follow.
  2. bgary's Avatar
    Great list.

    I'm challenged, though, by the notion that "excess beer" is considered a fault....
    Updated 09-22-2018 at 10:47 AM by bgary