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A Suitable Case for Treatment

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Finally, I couldn't put off any longer a few cheapskate treatments. Window treatments, that is.
I'll be spending the night at a few guest docks over the next couple of weeks, and there seems to be some need for privacy. Or barring that, public decency. A couple of towels stuffed in the hand rails has sufficed in the past, but then what if you need to use a towel?
Arcturus came with lots of holes drilled around the fixed ports and some brittle rotten remains of expensive plastic tracks that were one of the first things to hit the trash bin. So I priced out what it would cost to replace that stuff. Good grief!
Earlier this year I took the interior wooden doors off the boat and figured I'd replace the head door with a privacy/shower curtain. Brainstorm! I bought an extra one and cut it up to make matching curtains!

1. Locate polyester curtain on Amazon. Hundreds of patterns to choose from. $15.
2. Glue weld-mount wire ties in vicinity of old curtain track holes.
3. Look up how to make curtains on the interwebz. Geez, there are more steps than I thought... And math! W = (w +2) x 1.5 H = h + 2 + 3
4. Cut two-inch segments from 1/8" discount "dyneema" (Didn't work for reefing but works fine for this.) that I bought last year, double them over, and sew them into the hems.
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5. Sew sew sew sew.
6. String more "Dyneema" line through the weld-mount tabs and the loops in the back of the curtains. Cinch it up with a trucker's hitch at one end.
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Geez, is it supposed to look like this? I get the feeling that I missed some obvious step, other than merely my crude sewing skills. Well, it blocks the view for the overly-shy and the overly-sensitive. Seems to stay out of the way well enough the rest of the time. Good enough for me. We'll see how they look by next spring.
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Wow, can't believe I spent a whole summer day on this!

Hmm... post still in approval limbo, but here's an update.

What concerned me at first was that the curtains looked sort of "wadded up" when closed. Not that that would necessarily be inconsistent with my usual style. But opening and closing them a few times got them organized more into pleats. This has to do with what SailRite calls the "fullness factor" or what I'd call "pleatiness." And maybe also with the number of attachment points. The finished curtain is 1.25 times the width of the track/lashing, per SailRite. I put hanging loops every four inches. This leaves a pleat or ruffle curving inward between most, but not all of the loops when closed. (Of course, a pleat is formed between each pair of hangers when the curtains are open or partially open.) A bit more "fullness" would allow a pleat for every pair of loops when closed. If that is a desirable factor. If I hadn't read about the "fullness factor" I would have just made them flat. I guess this looks better. Fancier, anyway. More three-dimensional. Also probably conceals imperfections to some extent.

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  1. Loren Beach's Avatar
    There are some good threads here on curtains and related privacy-enhancement ideas. This is also on my "list" for the future....
  2. toddster's Avatar
    FYI: I just looked-up and re-ordered that low-stretch blue line that I used in this project. In fact it is Sampson "Amsteel" 1/8 inch, purchased on Amazon in 100-foot hanks.