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Yet Another Train Wreck!

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Signs and portents. Half a dozen boat projects stalled half-way done for lack of parts, time, weather...

For the second time, a boat project is halted because a shipment from Defender was lost in a train wreck! As far as I recall, nothing else I have ever ordered has been lost in a train wreck. It's on UPS, not on Defender. (But Defender does wait a good long time to see if the package can be recovered.) This seems like a really weird coincidence. (?)

Meanwhile, I've used up my stock on hand of mahogany for boat interior projects - just short eleven inches to make one final cabinet door stile. And it turns out that both places that sell mahogany (sapelle) in my area have stopped carrying it! Yet another item that I have to send away for. Or add to the list for next month's expedition to the city. Although that means I'll have to drive a truck, and go during business hours, which will limit what else I can do on that trip.

Well, it turns out that you can order mahogany on Amazon, or from But only in 24-inch lengths! There are a few projects that are still going to require longer pieces than that. Makes my previous thought of cutting up the passageway doors disturbingly more attractive. I've already cut up the center-line leaf table that I made a few years ago, but that was nothing special.

It's a bit late in the game to change the style of cabinetry on Arcturus, but if I'd known that Mahogany was going to grow increasingly hard to get, I'd have started out differently. Thinking about using only 24-inch long pieces reminds me of a 24-foot long shed that my Dad once built using only 8-foot 2x4 stud seconds. Oh, you might think, they can do some pretty neat stuff with truss construction. But this was not like that. Basically, only about thirty nails, in shear, held the whole building up. And yet, it routinely stood up to pretty heavy snow-loads for years. Until one day it didn't, and squashed flat as a pancake. (Well, a lumpy pancake, due the the stuff that was stored in there.)

But I digress.

Maybe it's time to just go boating.

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  1. Christian Williams's Avatar
    I guess you're nowhere near a Home Depot. That's where I get my "mahogany" and other hardwoods these days.
  2. toddster's Avatar
    Not all Home Depot's are created equal.

    But in fact, the situation is all HD's fault. Last winter, they started carrying a (poor) selection of mahogany. This apparently killed-off mahogany sales for the one millwork place in the region that used to stock it, so they dropped it. Then HD apparently discovered that they didn't sell enough of it, so they dropped it too. It's now special-order only, and only in 24-inch lengths.
    It's too bad - the millwork place used to have fairly large boards, so you could get more than one project (or a whole larger project) from perfectly matching wood.
  3. O_Scott's Avatar is a specialty hardwood supplier in the Boston area, that ships world wide! Apparently they are one of few folks that have teak and holly plywood sheets manufactured these days. They also have solid wood available. Guess we were fortunate to have them local when we replaced our cabin sole. GL Oreon