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What's a J-Bolt?

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Ultimately, a lot can transpire during ownership, a ton of value added, or taken away and ultimately something is sold at a price where the value/cost proposition makes sense for both parties.

Was this boat a good deal? Not sure… Maybe this blog is a way for me to justify and convince myself I would be spending the time and money anyway to make sure its as safe as possible.

There are interesting intangibles, elements which deal with the psychology of the individual who is buying the boat that differs from person to person. So, what kind of person am I? I’m a bit obsessive compulsive.

I like things in order.

That said, I was going to buy an older boat. Every boat will come with trade-offs. Every vessel will likely stow a very special surprise for you after the purchase, and right when you’ve blown through your budget to boot.

For me, the special surprise started with this:

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The filthy bilge that I started to clean, would start to fill with water over the course of a week. Each week, I would drain the bilge, only to find more water. I couldn't find the leak, until I decided to put a dam around the bolts using putty.


Water was coming up from one of the bolts... which ultimately lead me to dropping the keel and discovering this:

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WOW! A couple of the bolts had some corrosion and rust, one in-particular was in nasty shape (pictured above). The bolts and washers when viewed from above looked pretty decent, but lurking down below was an entirely different story. The next set of entries will detail this process. Good news though, there's a happy ending for the boat...

Yup, there's that.

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  1. Loren Beach's Avatar
    There's a thread or two here about the need for re-bedding those rods. Some boats had far worse metal loss, out of sight. I had that done many years ago, and it was also due to some slight leakage around one 'bolt'.
    Glad you caught it before it got worse.

    Here is one thread:
    Updated 07-09-2018 at 06:55 AM by Loren Beach
  2. vcirelli's Avatar
    Thanks Loren, much appreciated.

    I read these threads while the boat was in the yard to better understand my options. I'll post an account of my experience in the near term in the hope that it will help others. Every situation seems to be a bit different as are the swath of solutions to the problem. This site and the members helped me immeasurably during the repair and re-bed process.