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What’s in a name?

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My Ericson 32-3 was built in 1985, hull number 657. The boat still has it’s original name in a faded graphic on it. The reason the boat doesn’t have a new name is quite simple. I suffer from analysis paralysis.

I started with a list of about 50 names, and about 50 of them were terrible.

Initially I had thought Pound Foolish was a winner, stemming from the old adage, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Which if you continue to read the subsequent blog posts, you’ll understand why this makes sense in my case.

In an effort to be witty, I nearly named a boat something remarkably stupid. Yet, somehow my trip down the rabbit’s hole, would only get worse.

One afternoon, I heard my daughter singing ‘Penny Lane’ by the Beetles. It’s a cute name that had multiple meanings for me. So, I started to design the graphics for the lettering.

Then it occurred to me, that I should probably do a little research. After partaking in the wonderful powers of the Interwebs, I discovered the street Penny Lane is believed to be named after James Penny, an 18th-century slave trader who was a prominent SLAVE SHIP owner and prominent anti-abolitionist in Liverpool.

Crap! Scratch that one off the list.

So after all this, the boat’s original name is ‘Miga’, and I had no idea what that meant. Hello google/wiki search. I’ve now come to learn the name means ‘female friend’ in Cebuano, a Philippine language, it means ‘Piss’ in Icelandic or ‘Crumb’ in Spanish.

Out of the three, I say we go with ‘female friend’, ok? ok.

I was told by the fellow showing me the boat that the previous owner was from Russia, and was a spy that had defected in the mid 1980’s. The broker was obviously trying to sell the boat by coupling it with a bit of intrigue!

Of course I would never fall for such a thing. No chance I would get wrapped up in a romantic tale like that. I mean, it’s ridiculous to think someone would even attempt to sell something with such a thinly veiled tactic.


“MIGA” purchased November 11, 2017 in Los Alamitos Bay, CA.

Fade in Bond soundtrack, and images of a yacht careening through orange speckled waves cast from a perfect sunset, while bond ladies toast the captain aboard the deck.

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Say, is that microfilm I see in the bilge?

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