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The big flop theory.

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A little about me… I’m new to owning and working on a sailboat, and I would suspect a lot of the stuff I’m writing is obvious to everyone but me. I’ve spent a good part of my life pushing pixels around the screen like a digital drug dealer to help lure audiences into buying sugar and renting seats in 90 minute intervals.

That said, sailing couldn’t have been further from my reality. I certainly couldn’t have imagined the joy it would bring me... nor it’s impact on my time and wallet. There are so many higher priority things I know I should be spending my money on for the betterment of the family… Braces for my daughter or shiny bright white sails?

I mean, there’s an obvious choice here.

So I called North Sails, and UK just to get pricing… I kid, I kid.

Boats…I took a basic sailing class with kids half my age, where I learned the finest of techniques in capsizing. In hindsight, it must have been hilarious to witness teenagers struggling to drag me from the water, a 190 pound, 6’2” middle aged guy with computer-keyboard-atrophied-t-rex arms and virtually non-existent upper body muscles, back onto the deck of a tiny Capri…

I remember FLOPPING back into the Capri, staring up at the sky, flat on my back, out of breath, heart pounding, completely exhausted…and simultaneously completely hooked.

BANG! A whole new universe for me!

Why didn’t I discover this earlier in life, I thought to myself? I took another class and learned how to sail single person dinghies called Lasers…
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The photo is one that my wife shot as I heroically lifted the boat from the water, not really understanding the technique for how to get it back onto the dolly. It started well, and then went terribly wrong in about 3 seconds. The boat tilted over in the wind, onto the side of the dock, out of my grip, almost hit someone, We've been married 20 years, and I guess I can still make her laugh at my stupidity.

Nearly every weekend from that point forward I could be found in a laser, dodging boats motoring up and down the channel. I decided I wanted to be able to sail further, and for longer periods of time…and every second I could. Which eventually lead me to this site...

What event triggered your love for sailing?

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  1. 907Juice's Avatar
    I grew up on fishing boats. Many times we would go out 2 tides a day or multiple trips up/down a river just to get all the family members the limits. When I became an adult I started noticing people out laughing and having fun. AND THEY WERENT EVEN FISHING!! I hooked up with a buddy who had a sailboat and BAM. Adult dream to be completed. I ended up buying a boat from another coworker on a retirement sale and now I’m married to a wonderful, old, worn out, “mostly” working sailboat that I love. I’m learning a lot about a recreational boat and can’t wait to someday turn it in for a live aboard in the future.
    Ok, I’m done. Too much?