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the dream of dawn

Lil' Bote Argh!

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Update: Argh! So, the downside of the "barn find" Zodiac manifests.
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The floor has spontaneously peeled away from the tubes all across the bow! Fortunately it didn't do it while on the water. I went for about a ten mile run on fairly flat water - just a few wind ripples. Then put the boat back on the trailer, covered under a tarp for a week. And the floor just dropped out, where the high pressure floor and the keel press on it. Well... maybe it was coming loose under way. Now I recall that on the way back, the boat seemed to be "bouncing" off the swell, even when there wasn't any visible. It was puzzling... But I'm sure I'd have noticed THAT when putting the boat on the trailer.

So, repair plans: Ought to be simple, but cleaning all that old glue off might take a while. Glue it back in place, then add an outer tape all around the floor/tube joint?

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Updated 05-19-2018 at 07:27 PM by toddster (sad events)

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  1. toddster's Avatar
    Well, for the record, HH-66 seemed to make a good repair on this. But the first time a string of 100-degree days came along, it melted right off. Come to think of it, that's what happened with the original glue too.
    Got more polymerize two-part and some PVC tape coming...
  2. toddster's Avatar
    poly marine two part adhesive. Darned auto-incorrect. Went through two 250 ml kits before I realized that i should have bought the 1-liter kit in the first place.
    Anyway, how this is going: I glued up the floor then added an additional PVC tape inside and out to reinforce the bow section. It's holding OK after a month.
    However, the section right under my feet (aft starboard) came off next. Glued that up. I can see another section that's starting to bubble, though I can't seem to tug it off. I'm sure it will come off as soon as I plan an excursion.
    Maybe I'll have the whole floor re-glued before winter!