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E39 Galley Refresh

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No need to reconfigure the galley. We needed new sinks to replace the pitted old ones. I was astonished at the cost of "marine" sinks! The fiddles were banged up pretty good and lots of 46 year old plywood was delaminating. The formica countertops had seen better days. Over the last few years I replaced the stove and built a new refrigerator from vacuum insulated panels, so nothing to do there.
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I also installed an AC unit under the galley sink last year. While I admit it has made the boat more comfortable, I hate that I had to install AC. You can see the already varnished louvered door below the sink. That whole door unit is removable if we ever need to remove or replace the AC. Not shown is a new access hatch cut into the forward side of the bulk head so we can access the valve thru hull for the galley drain which is now blocked by the AC unit.
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There was no need to reinforce the bulkhead forward of the sink, it is held there nicely by the cabinetry. Handhold to match the port side.
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The companionway steps are new. The old ones had one fewer treads, was quite steep and had a big gap/step down from the companionway entry. We were used to it, but bigger treads with closer spacing has improved getting in and out so far. The bottom step is fixed and the top is hinged so we can stow the steps in the up position to access batteries, fuel water separator and some other various electrical items.
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Under the stairs is the main battery box which holds four 270ah AGMs for our 48V plant. In design right now is enclosing that space below the steps to put the cat's litter box on top of the battery box. We did a test run over the weekend, I think it will all work. Hopefully we get buy in from ALL crew members.

We kicked around a solid surface countertop in lieu of formica, but good ol formica won out in the end. We now have a cutting board over the stove. New fiddles all around.

The drawer faces were attached to new drawer boxes. All plywood surfaces veneered awaiting varnish. Prior to the varnishing we will address the two compartments with handholds on each side of the companionway.

This whole project has dramatically changed the back third of the boat. The galley looked like it had 46 years of use. We hope to do another 46.

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  1. Loren Beach's Avatar
    Looks really good, and you will get many years of use and pride out of it!

    Our sink refurbish picture is shown in reply 25 in this thread:

    Years have come and gone, and while guests still comment favorably on it, some of that original shine is dulled from regular use.
    Oh well -- it still looks 97% better than it did before that little project.

  2. MMLOGAN's Avatar
    Lumber in raw always has an appeal. Once varnished it a totally different animal.

    Fantastic Job! Truly top notch!