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Disassembly of the fixed port frame

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After taking the assembled port around looking for information or expertise and finding not much help (what is "window gimp" again?), I took the frame apart today. It was a very interesting procedure and similar to the descriptions from past threads. There were short sheet metal screws holding the frame halves together. Phillips, thank goodness. The screws were hard to get out. There was interference between the screw head and the inner edge of the frame and I used a hacksaw on the head to help get things started. I can see why rivets might be an alternative.

The "glass" is indeed glass, 1/8" thick, in my case. The dimensions of the channel that the window sits in are:
5/16" wide and 13/32" deep (1/32 more than 3/8). Since it is mineral glass, then I can use a wider range of sealants, if necessary. I also have a rope of round black "butyl" type material that is very sticky and happens to be 5/16" diameter. I can imagine that black stuff as a bedding at the bottom of the channel that the glass would press into. The rest of the gap could be 4000UV, which sticks to the glass quite well, or similar sealer. Something to try.

The old black rubber gasket in the channel is higher on the inside and the remaining outer gap was filleted with clear silicone sealer. A neat job when it was first done. No sealant was used on the gasket for the glass at all, except for some silicone at the splits.

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  1. mjsouleman's Avatar
    Many of us can attest to the expertise of taking port lights apart. My experience was similar except that it was too easy, so I added some drama and dropped one of the plates of glass. Don't do that!

    I got very lucky at a local glass shop that matched the thickness, which was a pleasant surprise after reading so many other experienced Ericson owners talking about replacing their lenses.

  2. footrope's Avatar
    Dropping the glass would not be acceptable. I'd have to pull another one if a pattern was the best way to get an accurate replacement. I think I'll be pulling them all over the next year or so. I'm still working up a plan to put this first one back together.