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Dorade Box Sealing - Next Part

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They're all back together and I've been waiting for the proof that the fix worked. Seattle's rains have returned and now I have some answers.

Repairs and sealing. I glassed in a new floor in the large center section using two small pieces of Coosa board. I also made sure the drains on the aft side were clear. I haven't painted the interior, but might do so with an exterior latex.

The two actual dorade boxes let water in via the bronze rings and possibly via the dorade scoops themselves. I presume their plywood floors are in contact with the deck core. I cleaned the interior of the dorade boxes and the floor with rags and solvent, a light sanding, and then vacuumed them out. I used CPES to soak and seal the wood floors, probably poured in 12 ounces per side. I came back in and used regular epoxy over the floors to fill in the gaps in the plywood, where I could reach with a small brush. I did not take out the tubes. They looked ok. I had the headliner down in the area and there was no water leak where they came through the cabin top. I also removed the bronze rings and cleaned up and re-bedded them. I had to remove them to get my hand inside to clean and seal.

Over the summer I re-bedded the bases of the steel tube tripod that protects the dorade scoops. There were certainly problems there. To re-install, you have to prep all the spots first, put the bases on the tripod and put them all down at once. I also have sealed 10 bolts on the mast ring this fall. I have 8 more to go in the ring. Two of them were obviously leaking. I put a bead of sealer around the mast ring on the house top. I used 3M 4200 around the ring, and 4000UV for the bolts.

Recently the left side cabin leaks have returned, after about a month of the rainy season. The head aft bulkhead, which is also the forward dinette bulkhead, started showing streaks again. Also, the older drips down the cabin side behind the dinette started dripping water again. Turns out there is a hole in the underside of the cabin directly above the bulkhead, that goes into the core. Saturated core then drips water into the upper edge of the bulkhead, between the trim pieces on either side. I think that hole is a mistake that occurred when someone was trying to route mast wires forward into the head and then outboard. Where is the water coming from?

More investigation led me to remove the 8 snaps for the salon hatch cover. The holes were all drilled into the core. Two of them had evidence of wet core when I drilled them oversize. Those are now filled with epoxy and will be re-drilled. I also started looking at the dorade boxes again, since they are nearby. The center section has two drain holes on the aft side and I discovered both of them allow water to the plywood core below. I had not probed them after I repaired the floor. So, I started an epoxy repair on them to prevent water getting to the core. I will also have to do some glass and epoxy work on that aft wall once I clean it out, just to seal that area up. It's tight and won't be fun or neat.

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