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Headed to buy a new boat!

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In one hour my daughter and I will be driving 4 hours to buy a 35' Mark ll. I was supposed to head down to get it yesterday, which coincidentally was Leif Erikson Day (omgit would have been perfect) but decided to wait till this morning so my mini me #2 could go with me (yes, I have 2 daughters that are exactly like me but oddly they are polar opposites of each other). One sentence & double parentheses...yikes! Sorry guys

Back up a bit.......Last month I bought myself a bday present - a 1976 27' Catalina. I grew up on a lake but had never owned a boat before. As a matter of fact she was the first sailboat I had ever stepped foot on! I got lucky buying that boat for sure bcuz knowing next to nothing about boats it turned out that I bought a total gem! All I she needed was a bit of cleaning and she was ready to go. So my kids and I have spent this last month motoring and sailing around the lake. I have 5 kids and my little 27' boat quickly became too small for us. Perfect boat for us to learn that we all love sailboats and sailing tho!

Forward to first clean little perfect sailboat that never got a name is up for sale and I'm about to buy a bigger boat that needs a ton of repairs. I will be posting lots of pics and asking lots of questions. Thanks in advance for all the helpful advice that you all are going to give!
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  1. Loren Beach's Avatar
    I have green-lighted this blog. Love the tone and enthusiasm.
    OTOH, there is little track record in forum posts from this new site member. I do hope that there are more entries.
    A new boat is always an adventure in learning, and the inevitable problem solving.
    Do post up some pictures in your Album, when you can.

    Fair winds!