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Boat Rewiring and more….Part 3

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I managed to get to work on the boat yesterday after contending with freezing weather last weekend and a blizzard earlier this week. I'm on the final stages of the rewiring project. I've replaced all the boats cabin lights with new 12V LED light fittings or LED bulbs. For the reading lights I purchased them off eBay, they are stainless steel and look great!

For the dome lights I looked at Dr LED and didn't like the design of a fully integrated light (although my reading lights are that design) of a fitting that would need to be replaced if it failed. So instead I purchased the West Marine 5 1/2" halogen bulb dome lights that I then retrofitted with La Farah 1.2W and 2W G4 bi pin LED bulbs purchased off Amazon.

The West Marine dome lights are cost effective even when purchasing the LED bulbs separately, I've kept the halogen bulbs as spares if the LED bulbs were to fail. One of the great features of the DTSP West Marine lights is the dual bulb design is that for the dome light in the head and and above the companionway steps I have installed both a clear LED and red LED to provide night light. The only issue I have with the LED bulbs is RFI interfering with my FM stereo, now this could be because the stereo antenna is just a wire behind the head liner that could be picking up the nearby RFI. I may address this if I move to using a antenna radio duplexer to share the VHF antenna with the stereo and the VHF radio.

Beyond that here are some pictures of the final install of the rebuilt DC panel and nav station. I think the new indicator LEDs on the DC panel look great. I also installed a Hella navigation reading light at the Nav panel underneath the nav shelf.

In addition I have the Nexus server, HF Radio speaker, and iMux mutiplexer installed below the nav shelf and have left some room for future expansion for a Raymarine autopilot server.

So here are some pictures of the final to start on rebuilding the AC panel. After finding an unused live AC cable yesterday coiled up above the engine!!

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  1. markvone's Avatar
    Hi Mike,

    I had a nice unused AC cable coiled up in my engine compartment too. It was attached to the 'REFRIGERATION" breaker on my AC panel and ended right next to my galley so I used it for the AC/DC power supply for my refrigeration unit.

  2. bigd14's Avatar
    I have a very old Marinco shore power cord someone cheaped out and re-used for the main AC supply INSIDE the boat! Nice job on the install.