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Boat Rewiring and more….Part 2

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As I mentioned in Part 1 of my blog I replaced all the old circuit breakers with new E-T-A breakers with ratings now correctly matched to the circuits so as to protect both the wiring and to the type of device or load attached to the circuit. As an example I’m using a 5A circuit breaker for the stove circuit as the only load on the circuit is the propane tank solenoid fed via the LPG control switch in the galley.

I have also wired all the boats loads to be fed from the DC panel, no direct battery connections allowed except the inverter/charger and PV controller fed through Blue Sea MBRF fused terminal blocks on the batteries However, I do have the high bilge alarm and stereo memory connected, via appropriately rated panel fuses, from the common bus bar on the DC panel. So when my battery switch is turned off all DC circuits on board are dead. I like it this way and operate by panel so that I leave the battery switch on the house “2” battery bank as my normal operating position.

I also installed an audible/visual high bilge alarm on the panel (to fill an unused PO hole on the panel) that is fused separately from the existing bilge pump switch. A new Johnson Pump Ultima high level bilge (electronic) switch controls a relay that will activate the bilge pump and alarm if for some reason the normal low level (float) bilge switch doesn’t activate. In addition I added a green indicator light to the bilge pump switch on the nav panel so I can now see at a glance that it has power. The following are some pictures of the rebuilt DC panel installed and the new DC + terminal and DC - busbar, keep in mind I’m still in the process of replacing all the old DC wire in the aft end of the boat so it is a work in progress. But you get the general idea of how much organized and safer it is behind the panel now.

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Picture of behind the nav panel showing the new Blue Sea 6 terminal bar with protective cover mounted on wooden block adhesive to the hull with 3M 5200. Also all DC wires Dymo flag labeled. Where an instrument such as the Nexus server or Brookhouse iMux multiplexer is being fed from the terminal I also have appropriately rated inline fuses.

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The next part of the rewire was relocating reorganizing the boats NEXUS depth/wind instrument server, installing a new AIS/GPS Standard Horizon GX2200 Matrix VHF radio, 12V/USB outlet, bilge pump switch, and ICOM IC-M802 HF radio onto the old nav panel. Finally I have networked all of the various NMEA 0183 systems together using a new Brookhouse iMux wifi multiplexer that sends and receives all the data to my chart plotting application OpenCPN on my laptop, tablet and phones. I'll take some pictures this weekend and upload them.

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