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    Grease It Up. Or raather Down.

    Recently, I installed a grease fitting for the lower rudder bearing. A quick little project that is at least whole and complete, in contrast to the many not-quite finished things going on around...

    toddster 06-22-2019 12:15 PM
    Kenneth K

    Another Engine Panel Upgrade - Pt. 2

    (Continued from Part 1):

    The original black engine panel frame was in pretty good shape. The...

    Kenneth K 05-31-2019 10:34 PM
    Kenneth K

    Another Engine Panel Upgrade - Pt. 1

    Hereís my posting of my recent Universal engine panel upgrade. The real nuts-and-bolts of engine panel and wiring upgrades has already been posted, thankfully, by C. Williams and T. Metzger (see...

    Kenneth K 05-31-2019 10:13 PM
    Loren Beach

    Muffler Mod for an Olson

    There is an old saw about choosing whether to "raise the bridge or lower the river" and after our new engine was installed we had to deal with this kind of decision.

    To wit: the distance from the...

    Loren Beach 05-25-2019 08:05 PM
    Christian Williams

    New Spectra Topping Lift

    The original Ericson topping lift was heavy stainless wire, coated in vinyl. I've tossed it, but the effective diameter was 3/8ths or more. It was dirty--how do you clean a fixed topping lift? I...

    Christian Williams 05-25-2019 07:41 PM

    Sailing school in Greece because of my YouTube channel!

    A lot has changed since my last first and last blog entry. I made it from Mid-Michigan down to Cleveland and bought my Ericson 35 Mark ll. I bought the bought from a marine mechanic who paid next to...

    CPeregord 05-13-2019 07:29 AM
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    Leslie Newman

    running hot

    Check the small fitting that brings the water into the mixing elbow from the heat exchanger. On my previous boat, CAL 33-2, it had a Yanmar and it started

    Leslie Newman Today, 05:55 AM Go to last post
    Leslie Newman

    Feedback after using the 6,000 btu air conditioning

    So, as some remember I installed a small system, 6,000 btu. My reasons for this was space and electrical load. Ended up the unit I selected fit into the

    Leslie Newman Today, 05:50 AM Go to last post
    Leslie Newman

    Does NEOA still exist?

    Hello. Does the National Ericsons Owners Association still exist? The previous owner sent me this flag and I figure it represents that organization.

    Leslie Newman Today, 05:32 AM Go to last post

    What can I do with THAT??

    What are the dimensions? Expanding the cutout (slightly) to a standard opening port would be the typical upgrade EXCEPT as Loren has stated, there are

    markvone Today, 05:27 AM Go to last post



    I single hand my E36EH 90% of the time. My main traveler is on the bridge deck out of reach from the wheel and my primaries are next

    markvone Today, 04:19 AM Go to last post

    34' Ericson yacht for sale-Long Beach CA in great shape

    Ericson 34 MK II, 1989. Long Beach $39,500 - a beautiful cruiser and capable racer thatís in great shape. Designed by Bruce King, the boat has a Harkin

    gdevoogd Yesterday, 10:52 PM Go to last post

    What can I do with THAT??

    Yes. my base port is Oakland. This is an Ericsson 27 I bough for teach my son how's sail.

    Sailingfun Yesterday, 07:51 PM Go to last post
    Loren Beach

    What can I do with THAT??

    Looks like a prior owner put in a fixed port light there to let in some more light.
    If you want an opening port, you would have to somehow find

    Loren Beach Yesterday, 07:43 PM Go to last post

    Exhaust elbow

    Ours was an Onan 155-1058 elbow. We replaced it a few years ago with the same elbow. Some threaded pipes of various appropriate sizes and a new flange

    Joliba Yesterday, 07:12 PM Go to last post