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    How not to retrofit a hatch: Installation

    The new Lewmar hatch fit into the new opening without much fuss. Next, we drill seventeen holes for the mounting screws. The directions say that the screws on the hinge-side must be through-bolted,...

    toddster Yesterday 01:59 PM

    How not to retrofit a hatch: Destruction

    Here's where we learn what's inside the hatch structure. Removal of the wood trim reveals a fairly uneven gap, with unfriendly angles, between the deck piece and the liner piece. Apparently both...

    toddster Yesterday 12:16 PM
    Loren Beach

    Marine Survey Check List

    I have known several surveyors over the decades. They answer my ill-informed questions with patience, and I believe that they could have been teachers had they chosen it.
    I was looking thru the web...

    Loren Beach 09-16-2018 07:23 PM
    Christian Williams

    Ericson 38--Varnish, Again

    I've had oiled teak and varnished teak, and in the end, for me at least, the maintenance comes out the same. Here in SoCal, oiling--after cleaning and bleaching, is best done every three months....

    Christian Williams 09-15-2018 01:42 PM

    A Suitable Case for Treatment

    Finally, I couldn't put off any longer a few cheapskate treatments. Window treatments, that is.
    I'll be spending the night at a few guest docks over the next couple of weeks, and there seems to be...

    toddster 09-02-2018 06:47 PM

    the Dorkiest Boat Project Ever...

    Yes, the Dorkiest Boat Project Ever (tm, patent pending, void where prohibited by law, some settling may have occurred during shipping...)

    Some of you may know, I have the only Golden Retriever...

    bgary 08-28-2018 01:22 PM
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