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  1. Starboard (under) Side Deck Reveal

    Here are some pix of the underside of the starb. deck above the galley. I opened up this area two years ago to get at the wiring that goes thru there to the next area aft, the overhead in the hanging locker.
    At the time I was changing all of the bulbs out for new LED bulb assemblies. The original fixtures are still looking like new, FWIW.

    I needed to clean up the wiring that fed the bulkhead light and the light over the aft berth. Factory had used 3-way crimps for these wires ...

    Updated 02-13-2019 at 09:43 PM by Loren Beach

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  2. Upgrade to Navigation Electronics to NMEA 2000 Instruments and AIS Class B

    I've just completed the final upgrade (famous last words?) to my boats electronics replacing all of the original Nexus Silva NMEA 0183 instruments with new Raymarine NMEA 2000/SeaTalkNG instruments including wind and DST 800 as well as a Vesper XB-8000 Class B AIS transponder. After a a little scare passing through The Race in thick fog last year I decide it would be nice to also transmit my AIS position and not just receive them on the chart-plotter. In addition the Vesper XB-8000 has WiFi capability ...
  3. "Tween'r" Handrail Project (Ericson 27)

    Aside from needing to replace most things still original, when I took possession of Tween'r the first thing identified as needing attention were the leaky handrails on the dog house. While inspecting the project, I was a bit surprised to learn the rails were not through bolted with access from below. I didn't notice this when I was inspecting the boat for purchase, even though it wouldn't have made any difference. After researching the excellent forums here at, I learned that most ...
  4. Lee Cloth "Quick Connect"

    Here is a little interior upgrade that I have been considering for a number of years. On our boat and many others, over the decades, I find that the attachment for the lee cloth is often fussy to deal with. Usually you are trying to secure yourself while the boat is rolling around and likely this is happening in darkness or with a dim red light at best.

    A metal snap shackle would certainly do the job, but inevitably it will bang around on the bulkhead, bunk edge or the varnished sole. ...

    Updated 11-29-2018 at 07:46 AM by Loren Beach

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  5. Me and "Tween'r" (Ericson 27)

    I've had a lot of boats during my 56 plus years of being on this earth, most of which have been sailboats. Sailing is my favorite. At age twelve we lived on a small 100 lake in north Alabama, Pine Lake. My dad got me a Super Snark. It was Super because it wasn't just a hull of exposed Styrofoam; it was encapsulated in plastic. Oh, and by the way, he threw in a book and said, "Have at it."

    I did, and I've never looked back.

    There was an American 16 as a teenager. ...
    Ericson Ownership
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