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  1. Mariah Part IV: Engine Monitoring Systems

    Before rebuilding my exhaust & cooling systems, I was alarmed at how easily the engine would warm up to 185 degrees, requiring me to back-down on the throttle and run at a lower speed. I was also concerned about the lack of warning about rising engine temps--you wouldn't know it unless you happened to look down at a somewhat-hidden temp gauge. It was a similar situation for oil pressure--the idiot light is not in a place that would rapidly grab your attention (and, had no buzzer).

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
  2. Making do... oh, and a rendezvous (part 2)

    ....(continued from part 1)

    I knew I'd have to sail out of Langley, down a stretch of Saratoga Passage and across Possession Sound to get back home. None of that seemed like a problem. But I wasn't sure what the best options were for when I got to Everett. My slip faces west, so to get in with a Westerly I'd need to beam-reach up-current into the entrance, run down to my aisle, gibe and beam-reach along my aisle and then turn head-to-wind into my slip. 10,000 pound boat, no brakes, ...

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  3. Making do... oh, and a rendezvous (part 1)

    I've begun to think that a good part of "seamanship" might just center on being able to pick the least-bad option out of a spectrum of sucky choices...

    I spent a lot of time on Makana in June un-doing the effects of a very wet winter. Partly because it needed doing and was normal - albeit late in the year, because it didn't stop raining until after summer started - but also because she and I were going to venture to Langley in July for our first Ericson rendezvous.

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  4. A few more core pics

    sealing the deck penetrations meant removing some old hardware...unfortunately it was bedded in 5200. Northing worked until I found this stuff:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The first layup. Note the shifted peel ply and breather:

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    Catch Pot with vacuum gauge. The bag kept this vacuum over night with the pump off:

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    All the vacuum bag installed core up:

  5. New Core...the wrong way I'm told

    The first step with replacing the core was identifying justhow much core was rotten. As you canexpect, the affected area was greater than I initially expected.
    The void along the edge and between the topskin and balsa created by not spreading the bonding resin allowed any wateringress to propagate through the laminate from the mast to the rear bulkhead ofthe cabin top.This resulted in asection apx. 18 by 8 along the edge of the cabin top needing to be replaced.For the most part, removing
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