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  1. Olson 34 reno projects

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    Hi, I bought a 1989 Olson 34 from Seattle last summer. I'm hauling her out next week & plan to retrofit the anchor locker (to hold a bigger Bruce & windlass) and adding a swim ladder to the stern. Have any other owners done such projects and, if so, would you have any advice for me?
    Thanks in advance,
    Elaine from Nanaimo, BC
    Hi Elaine

    I have Edgewalker, O-34 in Olympia.

    Modifications I've done so far:
  2. Winch Riser article

    Since Olson 34's are rather rare, only 39 having been built, I have a current project that I thought I would write up as a sort of trial blog. Perhaps this should be somewhere in the Maint. Forum, but with only 38 other Olson 34's in the world, there might not be too much general interest.
    So I shall try it here first.
    Learning about molding out FRP parts has been quite an eye opener, too!
    So here we go...

    If a "blog" is a sort of digital ...

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  3. Rigging, Metaphors, and Life

    A good friend and fellow rigger when walking down the dock I live on asked me; “How is it that you can walk down this dock every day without being horrified”? We both laughed and continued on to dinner on my boat. My friend was speaking specifically about the rigging on the boats on the dock where I live, but it could have been any of the marinas that I visit on a daily basis.

    A lot of the rigs were unsafe, and virtually all of them could easily be changed to make the boats sail much ...

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