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    From new keys to boat-on-a-truck:
    part 1 of 5:
    part 2 of 5: ...

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  2. From new keys to boat-on-a-truck, in three days (part 1 of 5? looooooong)

    While I worked on a fair number of just-off-the-truck boats, Way Back When, I had absolutely no experience in preparing a boat to go *onto* a truck when I started this journey. I thought I'd share what I learned, here, in case it benefits someone else in this interesting, exhausting and somewhat scary process. Fair warning, this is long.


    As mentioned in a previous post, things moved pretty quickly in this deal. For a variety of reasons - including work obligations, ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical , Ericson Ownership
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  3. Introductions

    Hi, my name is Bruce, and I own an Ericson.

    Gosh it feels great to finally be able to say that!

    I grew up in southern California in a time when Irvine was the center of the US sailboat-building world. Ericson, Islander, Cal, Ranger, Catalina, MacGregor, Westsail, all pretty much right in a cluster in the triangle between Irvine, Newport Beach and Santa Ana. Sparcraft, and Kenyon and LeFiell were there, too, along with a sprinkling of custom boat-builders... Westerly ...

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    Ericson Ownership
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  4. Coming home to the slough on a winter's night...

    Late November, Sunday night. 2300 hours, low tide. I did not walk down the ramp. I skied. The 1500w 120v space heater (which actually only draws 800w on the high setting) is no match for the cold. To sit un-occupied one must be bundled up or else shiver, either way enduring progressivly colder and clammier feet whether one wears shoes or boots with standard or Alaska socks. Now I've retreated to my forward v-berth with a towel hung vertically between the starboard and port bulkheads thus enclosing ...
  5. A "Well-Balanced" Olson 34

    Every winter we empty out our drinking water tanks and clean and dry them out. While our boat probably will not freeze up inside, it's best to take no chances. We pump the pressure water system until nothing but air is coming our, along with adding "RV antifreeze" to the raw water side of the engine cooling system.

    All of the Olson 34's have a port list, mostly when the starboard settee water tank is empty.
    So, with the usual 15 gallons or so in the port settee fuel ...

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